Missionaries we support

Drew & Stacy Frazer, Navigators

University of Montana, Boseman

Children: Dax, Elizabeth, & Garrett

Email: drewandstacy.frazer@gmail.com

Blog: www.drewandstacyfrazer.blogspot.com

The Frazer's are currently in the process of moving to Bozeman and getting the new mission field established.

Gary & Kate DeGraaf, Greater Europe Mission

The DeGraaf's are currently working with a new church in Hem, France, as well as with the kids club and other outreaches that minister in Hem.

Family: daughter Lucie (2010) & 

son Anthony (2013)

Email: newsboyfrance@aol.com  

Tom & JoAnn Doyle, 

Uncharted Teams and Chosen People

Tom & JoAnn are currently working in the Middle East and beyond with Palestinian and Muslim groups as they come to know Christ.

Email: tomdoyle80@gmail.com

In addition to supporting missionaries we strive to support and spread the Gospel to those in need in our community, nation and beyond.