Missionaries we support

Drew & Stacy Frazer, Navigators

University of Montana, Boseman

Children: Dax, Elizabeth, & Garrett

Email: drewandstacy.frazer@gmail.com

Blog: www.drewandstacyfrazer.blogspot.com

The Frazers are currently in the process of moving to Bozeman and getting the new mission field established.

Gary & Kate DeGraaf, Greater Europe Mission

Currently working with a new church in Hem, France, as well as with the kids club and other outreaches that minister in Hem.

Family: daughter Lucie (2010) & 

son Anthony (2013)

Email: newsboyfrance@aol.com  

Tom & JoAnn Doyle, 

Uncharted Teams and Chosen People

Currently working in the Middle East and beyond with Palestinian and Muslim groups as they come to know Christ.

Email: tomdoyle80@gmail.com

Jonathan & Mary Caskey

Greater Europe Mission

Jonathan, Mary and their two children, William and Claire. This busy family is studying to learn French as they serve at Camp of the Peaks in France.

In addition to supporting missionaries we strive to support and spread the Gospel to those in need in our community, nation and beyond.