Our Values

Honoring Christ’s Name

  • We value prayerful dependence upon God as vitally important to everything we do.
  • We value Christ-centered worship that is responsive, reverent and relevant to all generations.

Teaching God’s Word

  • We value Scriptural authority over all of faith and life.
  • We value spiritual growth in our lifelong journey with Christ.
  • We value clear, systematic and applicable teaching of Scripture.

Loving God’s People

  • We value loving relationships characterized by humility, honesty, accountability, forgiveness and restoration.
  • We value sacrificial service by each believer in accordance with their spiritual giftedness.
  • We value servant leaders who lovingly guide, teach, correct and shepherd the flock with humble accountability.

Expanding God’s Kingdom

  • We value loving, intentional outreach to the physically and spiritually needy.
  • We value generous stewardship of God’s resources to help reach the world for Christ.